Moovila at OPEX
Business Transformation
and Real-Time Resourcing 

We will explore the problems and the solutions when developing a real-time resourcing capability, referencing the “client onboarding and product delivery” use-case to highlight how costly data latency and inaccuracy can be.

Poor resourcing and capacity analytics typically 
lead to one or both of the following issues: 

  1. Delayed revenue-recognition due to insufficient staff to deliver products and services, or  
  2. Margin erosion due to the inability to re-task existing resources during delays, gaps and sales-driven deadlines. 


Learn how “end-to-end work programming” can lead to: 

  •        Shorter time to revenue recognition
  •        Better resourcing lead times
  •        More accurate resourcing forecasts
  •        More agile resource balancing to drive better margins
  •        Higher customer satisfaction via accountability & transparency

Moovila is the leading AI work management platform powering operational excellence


Real-time Resource

Moovila provides the most accurate, real-time, information for precision resource management. Know with certainty how many resources you need to execute on time, even as projects evolve.


Continuous Live Data 

Moovila connects the information about your current projects, CRM pipeline data, and availability from calendars. 

  • A complete view of capacity 
  • Real-time resource updates 
  • Automated capacity conflict alerts  

Proactive Controls 

Moovila’s resource recommendation engine serves up the best suited person for each task to remove uncertainty. 

  • Model resource scenarios 
  • Assign work based on skill, role, & availability 
  • Validate resource budgets 

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“Moovila has allowed our team to plan out our pipeline for priorities and capacity with a better understanding. This has allowed us to run our team efficiently and effectively and set realistic expectations.” 

– Chrizanna D'Silva, Senior Business Project Manager, UKG 


RPAX Autonomous Work Management 

RPAX is an AI-powered risk detection and mitigation engine that helps you deliver on time by monitoring your programs and processes 24/7 for problems like invalid dates, conflicts, and delays. 




Monitor risk 24/7  

Bottlenecks occur when you don’t have real-time program insights. Moovila autonomously monitors programs for risk and alerts you to issues so you can act faster. 

  • Shorten customer lifecycles 
  • Dial in program efficiencies 
  • Boost customer satisfaction  

Connect all your enterprise work data  

Moovila securely and automatically updates portfolio data in real time so you can see how projects affect each other and overall productivity.  

  • Improve forecast and plan accuracy  
  • Respond faster to risks and bottlenecks   
  • See when customers cause delays (saving you from tough conversations) 

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